André Lauterbach

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03:27 pm GeneSEZ Revision 6342 (svn-genesez): optimize Java source code generation
add support for EJB version 3.1 (no business interfaces)


08:45 pm GeneSEZ Revision 6341 (svn-genesez)
08:38 pm GeneSEZ Revision 6340 (svn-genesez): adjust xpand call pathes in Aspects files
add several import statements for seam2 and ejb3
add @Override annotation for session bean business operations


12:43 am GeneSEZ Revision 6007 (svn-genesez): move seam 2 logger xpand code into separate define code


01:30 pm GeneSEZ Revision 6003 (svn-genesez): change implementation of initialization of multi value properties to...
01:29 pm GeneSEZ Revision 6002 (svn-genesez): add operation to check existence of default value
01:23 pm GeneSEZ Revision 6001 (svn-genesez): add annotation for annotation @Lob to be allow upgrade from Hibernat...
01:16 pm GeneSEZ Revision 6000 (svn-genesez): correct generation of seam application exceptions
01:15 pm GeneSEZ Revision 5999 (svn-genesez): add import statement for seam annotation


10:03 am GeneSEZ FEATURE #215: Add support for Seam Version 2.3
Using the Seam platform now requires the specification of the parameter _seamVersion_.
If the version "2.3" is sp...

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