Development for 3.x releases


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GeneSEZ Release Train 3.x

All GeneSEZ 3.x releases will base on Eclipse Modeling projects:
  • EMF
  • MWE (Modeling Workflow Engine)
  • M2T XPand

GeneSEZ Core

The basic goals are:
  • useability: ease the use of GeneSEZ, assistance in creating new projects and model transformation workflows
  • integration of JUnit and Xpand/Xtend check scripts (see GTM 01/23/2013)
  • integration of other frameworks for generating code and performing model-to-model-transformation, like Xtend2 (see GTM 01/23/2013)

GeneSEZ metamodels

  • implementation of an easier process to change metamodels including model-to-model transformations (see GTM 01/23/2013)
  • solution to calculate and check the impact of metamodel and transformation changes performing by an impact analysis (see GTM 01/23/2013)

GeneSEZ Platforms

The main goal is to clean up scripts and templates to clear mapping concepts. Further goals include:
  • reduce amount of functional code in code generation templates
  • revise import/include concept to better integrate manual and generated imports/includes
  • integrate state machine validations
  • Use platform independent or more generalized stereotypes, like the UML entity stereotype, to minimize modeling overhead (see GTM 01/23/2013)


Improve GeneSEZ documentation and the manual. This includes:
  • clearly target documentation for user and developers (see GTM 01/23/2013)
  • developer documentation should contains a section about meta-models and model-to-model changes
  • documentation of core concepts and mappings (model transformations)
  • add an how to guide, like "GeneSEZ in a month of lunches" to explain GeneSEZ in a shorten way (see GTM 01/23/2013)
  • integration of Xpand/Xtend documentation from Daniel Sander (see GTM 01/23/2013)
  • add changelogs to our releases (see GTM 01/23/2013)

Release 3.1

Release 3.1


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Release 3.1

On our way to the 3.1 release we will target the following goals:

  • Reintegration of TYPO3 platform
  • Update TYPO3 platform to work with TYPO3 CMS version 6.0 or later

Release Notes 3.1.0

  • UML adapter
    • transform meta data (stereotypes and tagged values) of external types (see #221)
    • allow interface realizatios for data types (by uml realization dependency) (see #230)
  • Magic Draw Integration
    • GeneSEZ transformations can be started directly from magic draw (based on ant, see #245)



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